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Welcome and Thank You for Visiting us!


The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, Inc.


Finding Our Way Back to the Positive Aspects of Black Heritage & Culture

While Preserving It for Future Generations

 The Black Heritage Museum and Cultural Center, Inc.

A Nonprofit Organization with Federal 501 C 3 Tax Exempt Status

Building a Strong Foundation:

Unity! Collective Action!

Let us form a partnership of heads and brains and actually do something … Let us take the nickels and turn them into dollars.  The pennies, dimes, and dollars of one individual may be few, indeed, but the combined dimes, and dollars of a thousand individuals turn the weak word ‘few’ into the powerful word ‘many.'”  Maggie Lena Walker

"If you can, individually, feed and clothe and help yourself, you can, combinedly, clothe and help others. We can do anything just as soon as we learn the lesson of unity.”  Maggie Lena Walker

We are currently engaged in  our fundraiser "Building A Strong Foundation". We are working to raise $250,000 by the end of 2020. If you can help us with this plan, please use the 'donate' form.

In addition to making your donation, please consider becoming one of our regular monthly donors as part of our Maggie L. Walker BHMACC Friends Campaign!   

Support the Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center.  Help us get things done!

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