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Our Story

Our mission is to document and preserve Black heritage, culture, and scholarship and use it to encourage, empower, and uplift current and future generations through scholarly engagement, art, and artistic expression, while cultivating critical thought.


The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization with federal tax-exempt status.


As a museum it will engage in the acquisition, exhibition, preservation, and study of works of artistic, scientific, and historic value.


As a cultural center it will engage in social, intellectual, and artistic activities that reflect our impact on society and its growth and development.


As an education center it will elevate and advance discussions on our history and heritage, engage in discourse to advance our cultural, technical, and scientific knowledge through scholarship. We will bring education back to the forefront as a means of advancement and survival.

The BHMACC has a unique concept and vision to meet its mission.  We believe that Education, Economic Empowerment, Unity, and Faith are the cornerstones that hold up our pursuits to make this an organization that will fulfill its mission in the communities that we serve in relevant ways.


· Because we believe and have historically believed that education is not just important, but essential, it is one of our cornerstones.

· Because we have historically believed in economic progress, even when opportunities have been deferred or denied, we believe in being prepared and trained for opportunities that may present themselves, making economic empowerment another of our cornerstones.

· Because unity has historically been the key to our survival, it is something that we must relearn, it must be a key element in what we develop, and is an important cornerstone.

· Because we believe that without faith we would not have survived the many things that we have, it is our final cornerstone.


Being unlike other museums or cultural centers, we hope that our unique and holistic approach to serving all people uplifts the hearts and minds of those we serve.  The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center will bring a perspective that promotes scholarship, diversity, equality, artistic, and economic development.


Since our official sharing with the public in 2005 we have been building a foundation for knowledge and relationships that support our understanding of what is required to successfully launch a museum and cultural center that meets the scholastic, artistic, and socio-economic needs of our diverse communities. 


The needs of our communities are many, varied, and in some ways unique. Others, before me, have realized that the approach must be multi-faceted; education, culture, public health, environmental stewardship, jobs, redevelopment, investment and reinvestment into the community. I take my cues from those who came before and paved the way; my parents and grandparents, Mansa Musa, Maggie Lena Walker, Ernst Friedrich Schumacher,  Father Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta, and so many more. 

If you take a historic look back, you will find that Black institutions have always had to multi-task to fulfill the needs and expectations of the communities in which they established themselves and thrived.  As a people, we are all better for it.


The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center plans to continue in that tradition.  For ways to support us as we build take a look at our Donor Levels page. Thank you so much for visiting our website!


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