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BHMACC's Young People's Forum 

They are from age 8 to 21

this is their platform because they believe that another world is possible.

It is up to us to help them make it so.

BHMACC's Social Justice and

Young People's Forum Platform:

  1. Equal Protection for all

  2. Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment

  3. Safe Communities; Air, Water, Soil, and Infrastructure

  4. Change all policies to reflect Vulnerabilities of children, the elderly, and those with compromised health (First do no harm, the precautionary Principle

  5. Elimination of Nuclear and all fossil fuels for energy production

  6. Reconfigure and Secure all Power Grids

  7. Power Grids Local and community owned with community consensus

  8. All commercial energy must be renewable (Codify no fossil fuels or nuclear, with high penalties when violated, no market-based solutions, no swaps.)

  9. Safe, High-speed, eco-friendly public transportation

  10. Universal healthcare (no Exceptions, No Exclusions)

  11. Full Public health services for all U.S. residents

  12. Free public education thru Post-Secondary education

  13. Universal Free ad Healthy Breakfast and Lunch for all School children

  14. Decoupling Public education services from property taxes. Each student's public education services and resources funded at the same level

  15. Eliminate all student loan debt

  16. Transparent retraining of police and other law enforcement including Psychological evaluations

  17. Demilitarize all domestic police forces

  18. abolish ICE

  19. Reparations for descendants of all enslaved by America

  20. Restoration and honoring of all Native American Treaties

  21. Require a full understanding of Federal and State budget processes, both mandatory and discretionary

  22. Full understanding of pentagon Budget and Funding

  23. Constitution and bill of rights training and understanding

  24. Promote the general welfare of all U.S. residents

  25. Understanding providing for the common defense of the U.S. and the difference between funding national defense and  funding militarization

  26. understanding how the U.S. justice system functions at all levels and the relevance of the judiciary

  27. Green communities design and build

  28. Access to fresh, safe food for all communities

  29. Ban GMOs and Pesticides

  30. Ban Factory Farms

  31. Industrial and corporate responsibility for and and all cleanups, paying their fair share, and closing all loopholes. 

Drafted from a Young People's Forum  leadership meeting



Adana Din Mustafa

Aneisa Mustafa-Reid

Angelica Valentin

Indi Valentin

Soloman Mustafa-Reid

Zenobia Mustafa

Dianne Valentin

Ayanna Mustafa-Reid

Rashida Valentin

There are a number of Our programs that we would love to bring forward in support of this platform. "I am Not Reference Man" is Just one of them that needs support. Help us make it so.

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