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S.T.E.M / C.E.L.L Project

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning


The project is being developed because as a country we must get back to fully educating and training our students to be prepared to work and engage in the technical training, research skills, and critical thought required to make sure that they are able to participate in the workforce of the near future.  In less than ten years these current students will be our workforce, our entrepreneurs and innovators, our researchers, and our inventors.  More of them need to be prepared for the challenge. 


There is a large segment of our student population that has been marginalized and in some cases totally excluded from being taught and trained to engage in critical thought and to consider that they can succeed and even excel in the areas of Science, Math, and Engineering.  The current technologies are passing them by and with the fast pace of that sector, if we don’t begin to engage them now, in a very focused and significant way, they may never catch up.


We acknowledge that there are systemic and embedded reasons that these things are true. Regardless of the reasons, the basis for exclusions needs to be addressed, resolved, and finally eliminated.


Our goal for our student STEM program is to engage students who have been marginalized and/or underserved and provide them with the tools and strong foundational knowledge and skills in the areas of Mathematics and Science needed for full participation in our current systems and be prepare for future successes whether in the workplace or post secondary education.  Our hope is that they will leverage the opportunity presented by this program to increase their capacity for educational, financial, and economic success for themselves, their families, and their communities. 


Our Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning segment for teachers will be designed to provide training and continuing educational support for teachers to develop more effective, efficient, and relevant methods of teaching middle and high school math and science and engaging more middle and high school students to develop or increase their interest in math and science.


For ways to support us as we build, please take a look at our Donor Levels page. Thank you so much for visiting our website!


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