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Thank You

Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear is a phrase a dear friend uses quite often. She uses it when we engage in discussions about the tasks at hand and the resources available to get them done. I can relate very well to that as we work hard to move our organization forward.
Since forming in 2005 the BHMACC has been able to get its work done with the help and support of dedicated volunteers who are our family, friends, and community members. We have been blessed with generous donations made by individuals, small community foundations, endowments, and organizations that believe in our mission and see our vision.  We appreciate them, we thank them.
We have worked hard to have a positive presence in the communities that we serve and as a result have built strong relationships and community partners. We are now at the point where it is necessary for us to engage in the type of fundraising necessary to get our operations off the ground and secure the building space needed to house our initial office, gallery and lecture hall.

With your help we can do these things and move in the positive direction of serving even more people.
I am excited about our potential for growth and development. To get there, I am asking that you help us with your donation to our organization.  We are a nonprofit with federal 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status. Your donation would be exempt from taxes to the limits allowed by federal tax laws.  For details on the levels of donation and annual giving plans available please email me at or simply go to our Contact Us page and send me a message.
We have an Executive Director; Ayanna Mustafa-Reid. She may be reaching out to you to discuss ways that you can support our organization. Her direct e-mail is Rashida Valentin is on-boarding as our Development Director if you'd like to initiate the conversation on how to support the BHMACC as a donor. 


If you would prefer to make a donation right away you may use our secure, online donation capability available on each page or Mail your donation via post to The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, Inc. at 1870 Childress Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30311.    
With your help we can add to the over 2,500 students that we have helped realize their dream of a college education, we can help more people train to improve their economic conditions, we can bring more scholars to share their knowledge and insight with a broader community, we can share more artistic and theatrical gifts with the public, and most importantly we can share knowledge and information about Black culture and heritage with a broader more diverse audience. (**Update: Sankofa Selassie is now officially our Resident Artist!**)
Please always know that I thank you and I appreciate you. You have taken your time to visit our site and consider my appeal for support and that, means a lot.
I bid you peace & blessings,
Dianne Valentin
Founder & CEO

Our Supporters

To the members of the community who have shared their scarce resources and treasure with us when it was not easy to do. We love and appreciate you for your support of our work.

We also thank:

The Homestead Foundation

The Wild Thyme Fund


Aluma Farms

Mary Ferebee Howard Endowment Fund


North Carolina Community Foundation


Dancy Communications Network


St. Mary’s Chapter #12 Order of the Eastern Stars-PHA


Mt. Lebanon Lodge #25 PHA


Furman-Mathewson Memorial Trust of Edgecombe County Memorial Library


Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant


Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Georgia WAND

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