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Environmental Justice

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental racism exists. There are poor and minority communities currently facing their own environmental holocausts. There are a number of ways to work together to end the continuous barrage of life threatening, cancer causing pollutants.  The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center will engage in this work using education and advocacy.

We are engaging in a number of partnerships that will provide the format and technical information needed to support members of our communities that we serve in their efforts to protect their land, air, and water from being over burdened and overwhelmed by industrial pollutants.

Our first community partner in our EJ/ES project is the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IEER) They are also committed to working to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Along with a number of organizations across the nation we are participating in IEER’s Carbon Free Nuclear Free Campaign. These community partners take the issues of environmental justice, climate disruption, and environmental degradation seriously and realize that we are at a tipping point critical to our survival, while acknowledging that there are those of us who have been fighting and suffering the effects of these issues for years.

For ways to support us as we build take a look at our Donor Levels page. Thank you so much for visiting our website!

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