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It is up to us to find our way back to the positive aspects of Black Heritage & Culture. We can do it, we have done it before. It is going to take work, but it's nothing that we can't handle if we work together. Our children need for us to do this. Our society needs for us to do this. Working together is how it gets done.  


We do a disservice to our young people in this country. They have not been provided sufficient access to their heritage. It has not been successfully passed down from the preceding generation.  


How do you relate to yourself or your community when you have been led to believe that you have never had anything to offer... ever?  How can you relate to someone when you have been led to believe that they have made no contributions to the advancements of civilization, science, culture, history?


Both sides are harmed. Lack of knowledge of oneself, of others... will we perish because of it or will we begin to build the institutions necessary to reclaim what has been lost before it is gone forever? 


Through no fault of their own, some people have no sense of tradition as it relates to their culture and heritage, nor do they have a sense of any history belonging to them. But no one stays warm when the fabric that covers our collective selves has holes. Eventually and ultimately everyone is impacted by the cold.


All young people own a birthright to such a rich legacy yet it has not been shared with them in a way that they find relevant. 


Many will move through life not knowing of their inheritance.  Unless it is made known to them, they may never rise to claim the wealth and personal power that is within their reach. There is a collective obligation for us to let them know that there is something here for them.


The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center will share the abundant treasures of heritage and culture to be claimed with all who come.


For ways to support us as we build take a look at our Donor Levels page.  Thank you so much for visiting our website!  Contact Us!

Sankofa 1517659_259031970925903_23310358

Artwork of Atlanta artist Sankofa Selassie

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